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Zap Shots by Slava Li

We offer one of the best Zap Shot teams in the industry - and that is a fact!

Headed by veteran event photographer Slava Li, our Zap Shot guys and gals are ALL highly trained PROFESSIONAL photographers.  

With both action shots and some posed photos, a mixture of over 400 images AS WELL as some video clips of the important moments are what you can expect with all of our Zap Shot packages.  


And we use ONLY 1080 HD Tvs to display those images, not out dated plasma screens!

Here are just a few examples of the quality that you receive with our Zap Shots

_20A6261 Couple 19920 A_M_0327 _20A6653 groom HAN_1200 HAN_1288 HAN_1767 Garter A_M_0004-2 J_M_0030 MA190028 J_M_0008 MA190014 IMG_2285